484 Highland Terrace, Portville NY 14770

St. Bonaventure

Justin and Jean are both proud graduates of St. Bonaventure University-  as such they wanted to bring their Bona pride into their shop work.  Located in the local area of the university there is a great following and need for Bonaventure items in the store – ornaments, metal wall hangings and most recently additional woodwork!
In 2020 they had the opportunity to mill the very large spruce trees that were removed from in front of Devereux Hall.  After years of drying time this slab slumber is ready for woodworking skills!  While most of it is still in large slab form we have milled a few down into smaller pieces to offer this slice of Bona history to everyone – making specialty charcuterie boards, serving trays, lazy susans, tables, etc.