484 Highland Terrace, Portville NY 14770

About Us

Rusty Rooster Farm & Vintage LLC is a family owned and operated business based in Portville, NY founded by Jean & Justin Smith.  When we started this business our roots were in architectural salvage and vintage rehabilitation.  We ran the business out of our home for many years until it had literally taken over our home.  We have since vastly expanded our business into an amazing historic old brick building (Anderson Pattern Works, formerly the Portville Tannery Boiler House circa 1880s).  Housed in the building we now offer an amazingly diverse and beautiful home decor and gift shop market with a specialty focus of hardwood slab lumber milling & full woodworking shop.  Preserving this building and growing our business has been a labor of love – take a step back in time in the amazing building we are working hard to preserve and showcase.  

Epoxy Slab Table